Sunday, 14 December 2008

Back on the patch...

Apologies for the lack of postings of late but I've been on Madeira, escaping the pre-Christmas madness and adding the endemic pigeon and 'crest to my list, oh and plain swift too (which I'd missed on a trip to Tenerife in December a few years back). And after a week of enjoying the lovely Madeiran firecrests I came home to discover a goldcrest by my birdtable - a garden tick!

Anyhoo, enough of that. Got back just in time for my WeBS count which I did in reverse for a change - Conder to Aldcliffe.

General highlights will be on the LDBWS site - I'll just stick with the Aldcliffe patch notables here.
12 shoveler were on Freeman's Pools as were 3 goldeneye but no sign of the scaup - did this leave as a result of the 'big freeze' last week?
A rather remarkable flock of 177 oystercatcher and 98 black-tailed godwit came up from the river at Marsh Point and started feeding on the grazed area on the old tip.
2 little egret, 5 pinkfeet & 276 Canada geese were on Aldcliffe Marsh, while a large number of greylags (200+) were grazing in the fields to the east of the river - my attempt to count them accurately was thwarted by an aircraft that flushed them before I got to a spot where I could do so, and they then headed off in the direction from which I'd just come. Darnit.
Admittedly, all the best birds were outside the patch area today... and I didn't have time to bash the miles of potential LEO-hiding hawthorns. Bet there's one in there somewhere. But I've been saying that for years...

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