Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dark night returns

Post-work blast around - couldn't help thinking that it's a shame that the 'decent' weather's coincided with the lack of available daylight after work... only a couple of weeks and I'll be back to being limited to weekend-only birding at Aldcliffe. Boo.

Anyhoo, this evening's highlights included:
2 little egret & a pintail on the marsh
2 green sandpiper & 12 teal at the Wildfowlers' Pools
Little owl near the walled meadow - where there was also a wryneck-shaped chunk of wood in a bush that had me going for a few minutes...
Loads of robins around but no sign of any 'typical' passerine migrants.

Guy McC had a good morning at Freeman's Wood with highlights including spotted flycatcher (the only Aldcliffe record this year?) and lesser whitethroat plus good numbers of chiffchaff.

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