Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Coots mon!

An influx of coot onto Freeman's Pools noted this evening with at least 11 birds present.
6 mute swan, little grebe and a couple of wigeon there too.
Another pair of swans were on Frog Pond.
Not much on show, from the gate, at the Wildfowlers' Pools - 1 pintail, 11 snipe and 5 teal. Heard a kingfisher but couldn't spot the blighter.
2 green sandpiper dropped noisily in from a considerable height.
A few goldcrest were heard along the cycle track hedgerow and I watched a pair for several minutes at close range engaged in some sort of dispute with a lot of very high pitched calling (even by goldcrest standards) and some interesting posturing.
A couple of hundred lapwing were feeding in the fields along with 60ish curlew.
Both the Flood and Marsh appeared quiet.

I couldn't help but notice that today was the first day for some time that I haven't seen any hirundines at all...

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