Friday, 23 May 2008

Wader bonanza

Oh, the curse of the 9-5!!

First I get a text from Dan H as I'm pedaling Morecambe-bound this morning - reed warbler in Freeman's Wood. Good record.
Second text a few minutes later from Dan - a pair of avocet on Freeman's Pools! A site first - MEGA!
Then, having done my obligatory scan off the Jetty and desperately trying to find something in the Dome bushes, comes the call (yes, from Dan again) - 2 Temminck's stint also on Freeman's Pools. This is a major pull-back! As Dan so rightly said 'seek and ye shall find'...

UPDATE: the stints soon disappeared following the rather noisy arrival of a digger - on site to do essential management work for the Environment Agency.

SECOND UPDATE: the avocet pair were still present at 5pm on Freeman's Pools as were a pair of LR plover. Another LR plover was on the Wildfowlers' Pools.

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