Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Monday, Tuesday... much the same

Highlights, if they can be termed as such, from yesterday's post-work visit were the shoveler pair on Freeman's Pools along with the fully anticipated LR plover which later flew over me and onto The Flood. Otherwise, it was business as usual.

This evening things were much the same really without the added 'excitement' of the duck duo.
However it was hot-goose action that got the pulse, well not exactly racing but continuing to beat, with 36 greylag and 13 Canadas on Freeman's Pools. I feel a twitch coming on. Not.
The male LR plover was present too, of course.
A peregrine was over Heaton Marsh and the midges were snacking on my bare parts once again.
I ticked Ray Hobbs on my return to Railway Crossing Lane and his 'new' dog Lottie who was enjoying some horse dung. His brief but fascinating lecture on plasmids and their manufacture of insulin was probably the highlight of the evening...

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