Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sunny Delight

Eclipse garganey
The drake garganey in eclipse plumage continues to remain faithful to the Aldcliffe patch, ensuring that even a brief bit of aprรจs-work birding offers something interesting.

Talking of work, it's all been about peregrines, ospreys and bee-eaters this week. Not that I'm complaining of course...
Talking of bee-eaters, it really is worth making a trip to see the nesting site in Cumbria. One of the nests, in full view of the RSPB watchpoint, is currently very active and visitors don't have to wait long before an adult bird comes swooping in with food for the growing chicks. For details of this amazing event click here.

Anyhoo, enough of Mediterranean exotica and back to Aldcliffe...
I nipped out this lovely, sunny evening and to my delight, I soon found the garganey. Today it was back at the Wildfowlers' Pools with 3 common teal. Nearby a green sandpiper was feeding on the pool edges before flying off toward the Flood.
When I arrived at the Flood, the green sandpiper was probing around in the mud, while a stock dove came down to drink.
Another green sandpiper was at Freeman's Pools but other than a single female tufted duck there was nothing new to see there.


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