Sunday, 10 May 2015

Reed All About It

Hello. Dan here-- just thought I'd fill in as Mr Carter was away this morning.

Interesting weather but a small influx of Reed Warblers (three heard, two seen) was the best I could manage in a dawn raid. One was chuntering away in an Elder deep in Freeman's Wood without a reed or rush in sight.

The heavily overcast sky put the kibosh on my photographic ambitions (my camera hates the dark) so I scratched the itch with some sound recordings.

I made an annotated collage of the best bits of audio and you can listen here . It features the off-passage Reed Warblers, breeding sylvias, over-flying hirundines and more.

A light but steady flow of northbound Sand Martins (c50ph) was evident from first light and as the wind picked up Swallows began to move NE. Just two Whimbrels and 2 Wheatears-- and yesterday's White Wagtail had moved on. The Grasshopper Warbler was singing very reluctantly from the newly-laid hedgerow along the bund.


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