Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Good News For Freeman's Wood

The following (in italics) is a summary from a Green Party leaflet posted to Marsh area residents earlier this week.

In 2012 the Friends of Freeman's Wood & Coronation Field (FFW) submitted an application to Lancashire County Council for three footpaths across the field which have been fenced off. The group had gathered evidence from local people who had been using these paths 'as of right' for decades.
Last week (17th Dec) the County Council's Regulatory Committee agreed to take the first step toward adding these paths to their definitive map of public rights of way.
Obviously the land-owner will object and will certainly attempt to prevent the footpaths from being approved. 
The FFW want to hear from others who have used this now fenced-off area for recreational purposes prior to 2011.

I have many years' worth of birding and general wildlife records from this area dating back to the late 1980s. I will be summarizing this info and making it available in an attempt to prevent this land from being developed and would urge anyone who has accessed this great area over the years to also provide details.
Not only has this plot of land attracted such cracking birds as subalpine warbler, yellow-browed warbler, hobby and great grey shrike but also holds a host of nesting species including tawny owllesser whitethroat and sedge warbler plus amber listed breeders including whitethroat and bullfinch. Wintering short-eared owl and woodcock also occur frequently. Mammals include brown hare and roe deer.

If you wish to add your voice to the weight of this campaign to keep the area open for public use you can email the FFW secretary Emily Heath at


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