Friday, 4 July 2014

No Rain, No Gain

While I can't dispute that the rain I got caught in this morning was very much needed, I have to say it wasn't very pleasant getting a soaking.

There wasn't a great deal of obvious change from what was around yesterday, though an increase to 3 green sandpipers at the Wildfowlers' Pools was notable. Also there, 5 snipe and just 2 little ringed plover (1 of each just about visible in this shoddy photo). The poor quality of this pic is even more evident in light of my having seen Chris Packham yesterday evening showing his stunning images... and I have to sit through it all again tonight just to rub salt into the wounds.
A couple of little egret were also at the pools while the nearby willows were positively buzzing with feeding birds including newly fledged great and blue tits, reed bunting and chiffchaff.
It was pretty quiet at Freeman's Pool though an adult sedge warbler carrying food suggested the possibility of a second brood?  
A scan through the post-breeding starling flocks feeding in the fields failed (as it has done every year for the last 3 decades I've been checking) to turn up a rosie starling. With one currently hanging out with its common cousins in Burnley, it clearly pays to be vigilant!     


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