Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tues Company

Spent a couple of hours this morning prowling around the patch in the vague hope that something half decent might have magically appeared in the Aldcliffe area. Alas, nothing out of the ordinary was in evidence but it was a pleasant enough way to spend some time.
All was as expected at Freeman's Pools, though an adult little gull flying around off Marsh Point was a pleasing sight.

Spot the bird...
14 fieldfare were feeding in the maize stubble fields.  
Out on the marsh the recently absent greylags were back en masse, with around 150 pink-footed geese keeping them company.
A pair of shoveler were still on the Wildfowlers' Pools but other than a little grebe and multiple coot and moorhen it was pretty quiet there.
Once again there was a jack snipe at Snipe Bog.
Six skylark passed over, in ones and a group of three, all heading south.
A little owl was at Admiralty Wood (pictured).

I came across a nice female stonechat while walking home from the RSPB office yesterday. It was by School Pond in the FAUNA nature reserve in Fairfield, Lancaster. Spring must be on its way!


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