Monday, 28 October 2013

The Imperfect Storm

What's this - two posts in three days? This could get silly...
I managed to squeeze in an early afternoon visit to the patch today, convinced that I might find some windblown stray of some kind or other. It's fair to say at this point that I didn't.
Nonetheless, it was great to get out and have a root around Aldcliffe.

First I checked the glamorous environs of the Lune Industrial Estate in the hope that a black redstart might be lurking somewhere. I then had a scout around Keyline, with the same species in mind. I walked along the estuary from here to Marsh Point in case something interesting was feeding along the tideline, checking the river as I went but finding just the regular gulls and a brace of goosander.
Freeman's Pools were suspiciously quiet, though it may have been just down to the brisk wind causing birds to seek more sheltered pools nearby.
This certainly appeared to be the case; there were several wigeon, a tufted duck and a bunch of mallard on Frog Pond.
On Darter Pool a juvenile little grebe was joined by 10 smart gadwall.
Around 35 teal were at the Wildfowlers' Pools along with a pair of shoveler and 2 more little grebe.
The Flood, the Marsh and the hedgerows were pretty drab with nothing of note to be seen. A pair of stock dove were flying around near Walled Meadow and a skein of c80 pink-footed geese passed over heading SSW.
On  my way back things had picked up a bit at Freeman's Pools with 3 goldeneye and another tufted duck on the water as well as a minimum of 7 little grebe.

So, it looks like we pretty much missed out on the weather event of the decade up here in North Lancashire, but I suppose there could be one or two wind-borne goodies just waiting to be found out there in the next few days... 

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Paul Maxwell said...

Glad to see you out and about.
I have not seen a lot, but i am still very new but i hope to be out Tomorrow Friday. hopefully i may see a few Visitors
Cheers for now Paul