Friday, 19 October 2012

Two in the bush......

09.30ish. Freeman’s Pool had a handful of widgeon and gadwall along with coot, moorhen, little grebe and mallard. Wildfowlers’ Pool scaup fem was here this morning plus little grebe, lapwing and redshank. 130 canada geese were in the fields. On the marsh were little egret, gull bank were 450 golden plover, 30 dunlin and 1000 lapwing, wigeon 25. 2 redwing near chat wall. Plenty blackbird with up to 20 seen near to and along sewage track. A chiffchaff was calling, possibly 2. A kestrel was hunting along the cutting. A mixed flock of goldfinch, greenfinch and chaffinch in the bushes. A sparrowhawk was taking a bath in one of the flooded parts of a field made for great viewing.


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