Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tundras and Tytos

Dan here.

The pools have sufficiently muddy margins for the needs of nest-building house martins, but the only passage waders I found today were sticking to the open estuary.

A flock of sixteen ringed plovers were zipping around over the spring tide, and were perhaps of the tundrae form.

Freeman's Pools saw a sedge warbler having a narrow escape from a male sparrowhawk. The commotion upset a little-ringed plover and twelve roosting lapwings, but two gadwall were unperturbed.

A friend has been watching here in the evenings. Last night he watched a barn owl hunting its edges before it flew west and over the river.


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wes said...

The Sedge warbler was v audible down FP yesterday, think he may still be miffed about it all. Loads of long tailed tits too on the walk up. Splendid.