Thursday, 19 April 2012


Dan here.

For over a month now 'the flood' has been a holding bay for pied wagtails-- up to twenty-five (mostly males) on a daily basis.
Why there have been more here this spring than in others I don't know, or why they aren't off holding territory somewhere..but their presence has left me wishing for a few of their continental cousins.

There finally was a white wagtail this evening. These occur in small numbers most Aprils, possibly en route to Scandinavia or Iceland.

Other than this minor migrant interest (not even half a tick!), this was another very chilly early evening trawl with little to excite. Forty-five meadow pipits were picking over a damp field. Just two swallows tonight.

Indeed, by the end of the third week of April, the first common and lesser whitethroats are usually gracing Aldcliffe, and a couple more summer ticks have been had to boot.

P.S.- just after I left the scene in disgust, a barn owl was seen hunting along the western edge of Freeman's Pools-- as per N. Robinson, posting on the LDBWS site.

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