Saturday, 7 May 2011

Winter lingerers and scarce summer visitors

A couple of winter lingerers were at Aldcliffe today. A lone wigeon at freemans pools and a snipe on wildfowlers. A little ringed plover was in this area also. One of the advantages of being a patch watcher is experiencing annual occurences of eccentric bird behaviour. Today this was provided by house sparrows. Small numbers of  house sparrows use the hedges between darter and wildfowlers for feeding before flying off in the direction of Willow Lane, presumably to feed their broods. What attracts them to these specific hedges is a mystery but must make the round trip of about a kilometre worthwhile.

4 singing sedge warblers, chiffchaff, willow warblers, whitethroat and blackcap were noted. 3 wheatear and two tufties were also present.


Sunday Morning............
Much the same, including 3 Wheatears, Wigeon and 2 LRP on Wildfowlers and Peregrine on pylon.

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