Friday, 25 March 2011

Ploughing on

3 LRP's were on the flood this afternoon. A territorial arguement ensued and one of the birds flew off and was later relocated at Freemans pools. This bird was quite restless. The presence of 30 LBBG's may have had something to do with this. Some of these birds flew off west, presumably to Walney. It upsets the balance of the patch having these beasts around, even the oiks had temporarily vacated the island.  4 meadow pipits and a pied wagtail were grounded at the flood. A sand martin was seen flying through and a chiffchaff was heard near wildfowlers. 12 teal were also in that  area. it was good to see the field being ploughed. This was a maize field about 4 years and was a breeding site for lapwings and also drew tree sparrows to it in the autumn. Hopefully it's change of use will be permanent this time.


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