Thursday, 23 December 2010

Now you see them..................

Had a stroll around part of the Parish this morning, the big freeze remains big and freezing! All pools in the area frozen and empty of birds. At marsh point there were a good number of gulls Black-headed, Common and a quite a few Herring Gulls. There were 25 Mute Swans and around 75 Canada Geese. Also present were Goldfinch, Wrens, Robins, Great/Blue Tits, a Bullfinch was near the bottom gate. On the track, I got into position at the top of the rise on the flood defence, I was about to trawl through the geese in the field next to the bund, Pink footed/Greylag, one never knows what might be with them, and as I find this a hard task I was determined to have a good look. Then as soon as began they all took off, then I noticed the dog walker! I managed to film the event, and I challenged them about not sticking to footpaths of which there are many! The response was everyone does it and the farmer doesn’t mind! So what about the geese? They continued, crossed the track and proceeded to continue along the bund.

Along the track I saw a good hundred or so Fieldfare, a few Redwing and at least 9 Song Thrush. In the ditch I glimpsed a Water Rail as I hurried on not wanting to disturb anything. A Buzzard was flying over being harassed by a pair of Crows. A Greenfinch was in the hedge along with a number of Dunnock, Robin, Wrens and about 20 Blackbirds.
I headed back via Aldcliffe village which looked very peaceful and Christmassy in the snow.

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Colin Bushell said...

Nicely captured Steve. Believe it or not I've seen birders do this at places like Caelaverock so they could get their 'flight shots' and then say "Don't worry; they'll be back!".
If only I were joking.