Thursday, 30 September 2010

Pea Brained Earwigs................

Bright idea!
Who gets the bill!
Exciting and crazy morning at Aldcliffe. As I was approaching Railway Crossing I noticed a bespoke camper/traveller van, which I have seen a few times down here, with a bloke (pea brained earwig) entering the van with what looked like a petrol container. I stood at the gate looking across over the marsh; the bloke then got in a car and drove off. I did think it looked all a bit odd. I then noticed the flames, rang 999, and prevented a fire which would have been much worse; the fire brigade were here in no time. There were vehicles parked nearby, how stupid or what! The van was half burnt out.
Bird wise, I noticed a few Skylarks and Meadow Pipits flying over, heading south. I struggle with identifying vismig, there was a very interesting bird flying high over the river, but hadn’t a clue! There were a number of Chaffinches, nothing like the numbers seen over Caton Moor and Heysham see LDBWS. Reed Buntings in the hedge and a good number of ticking Robins. A Little Egret was on the Marsh along with Curlews and Lapwings. At Gull Bank there were a few hundred Lapwing, a scan with the scope revealed 1 Grey Plover and 6 Golden Plover. A Grey Wagtail was on the track. Freeman’s Pool had the usual and the Wildfowler’ Pool had a Kingfisher, still a large amount of flood water throughout the area.

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