Saturday, 3 July 2010

Opinions, everyone has one…….even me

Interesting wander today, started off walking round the open space behind Freeman’s Wood and lots going on there, Sedge Warblers, Lesser and Common Whitethroat, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Reed Bunting. Greenfinch, Chaffinch and a few Linnet. On the pool were 6 Grey Herons and no scope with me so not sure about LP. I did see 2 Coot with 4 new red-faced chicks.

I made my way down the track and Wildfowlers’ Pool was very quiet, of note were 3 Collared Doves. Stopped off at the gate onto the marsh and got chatting to some wildfowlers’ which was interesting. They had been busy collecting rubbish and conservation work. One of the chaps had quite a lot to say about conservation and was saying how much the marsh has changed over recent years with all the sea defence work that has taken place. Personally I put it down to the landfill site and the rapid expansion of White Lund trading estate, but then again there are as many opinions as there are mouths! Amongst the debate about RSPB, foxes, birds of prey and farming, get the picture, I could hear the Skylarks, watch the Swifts bombing about and across the way I could see 3 Little Egret. The expression too many chefs spring to mind with this type of discussion, yes cooking, I was beginning to boil, though he was talking about the marsh being like a bank and it needs investment, everyone it seems wants to manage the land with their own agenda, and in the end it seems that what all these various differing groups are doing is managing the mess we have made! 
Should I accept that seeing 2 Skylarks was a worthwhile outing when I consider what would have been around fifty years ago, not really no!!

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