Sunday, 22 November 2009

Wet and wild

A recent move to Scotforth has changed my Aldcliffe routine. I now tend to start from the Stodday sewerage works and move north up to Freemans pool and wood. The birding in the south of the parish feels very different to the area about Freemans. Freemans woods and pools have got the ability to turn up anything in the right weather but I don't have that feeling yet about the south of the parish but the ungrazed tidal marsh, thick bushes of the cycle track and the steep grassy banks of the sewerage works all offer potential. 1 meadow pipit, 2 grey wags and 5 pied wags were present at the sewerage works. I then met up with Steve to help with the Snatchems to Conder WEBS. Highlights were c.2000 lapwing on Aldcliffe marsh and totals of 11 goldeneye, 2 rb mergansers, 2 goosander, 1 greater crested grebe and 9 little grebe from the conder area
Guy McC

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