Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hunt for Red, October

Morning visit.
SE 1-3, 8 Oktas, a little light drizzle at first.

I thought the weather looked promising for something grey with an orange tail, but there wasn't a BR on the marsh debris this morning.. (is this even on the Aldcliffe list, Jon?)

I switched to look for stripy easterners in the sycamores and willows, with no success.

So, the parish passerine highlights were:

A chiffchaff, goldcrest, blackcap, lesser redpoll and 22 song thrushes in the wood.

Also 45 reed buntings and two tree sparrows in and around the maize field.


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Jon Carter said...

Hello Dan.
Black redstart isn't on the Aldcliffe list to my knowledge, but it has to be one of the most obvious 'new' birds to be recorded there. Eddy Bayton had one by the cycle track just on the other side a couple of years back from what I recall and that whole derelict factory area all along the quay looks perfect for one at any time of the year!
I'm sure they have occurred, just gone unseen...