Saturday, 18 July 2009

Here be dragons...

Highlights from an afternoon trawl included:

Freeman's Pools:
3 little ringed plover, 9 coot (+3 juvs) , 2 little grebe, 6 mallard (+4 juvs), 1 oystercatcher & 1 heron.
Loads of teneral common darters - probably 50+ in one relatively small area checked plus a mature Emperor.

Good numbers of swallow around, inc. recently fledged youngsters, plus a few sand and house martins. Only 6-7 swifts seen.

Wildfowlers' Pools:
5 green sandpiper and another (or one of the FP birds?) little ringed plover.
A huge peregrine passed over.

All quiet on the marsh. A kestrel was hunting along the seawall.

Just 2 moorhen on the Flood, and a sparrowhawk over.

Pair of moorhen with nearly fledged youngster on Darter Pool.

Mallard with 5 very young ducklings on Frog Pond.

Couple of comma butterflies along the cycle track as well as many meadow browns, a few speckled woods, red admirals & painted ladies.

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