Monday, 3 November 2008


Daniel here.

What few birding skills I had have deserted me so far this month, after getting into a good rhythm a few weeks back.

For example- my October-style pishing is of NO interest to the callous birds of November.

Today I stumbled around the wood doing little but terrifying the thrushes.

Couldn't find any warblers...I could hear goldcrests, but saw few... The best wingbars I could manage were those on a red admiral.

Feeling rather adrift, I thought I'd finally twitch the Freeman's Pool scaup- but couldn't locate it. (It had last been noted by Guy McLelland...this morning!).

If anybody finds my Aldcliffe mojo-- could you please let me know? You'll find me at Heysham.

Accidental highlights were a nice pair of stonechats on the sliver of land just 'upstream' of Keyline (one pictured-just O.O.A.A.!) and six tree sparrows in Freeman's Wood.

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Guy McClelland said...

Don't worry. I lost my Aldcliffe mojo after dipping on the bluethroat and turned my attentions to Birk Bank. I'm sure the attraction of the parish will soon draw you back. Guy