Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Club Med

Dan reporting once again. Hello mother!

A 'scoping sesh from Dawsons Bank turned up a mediterranean gull on the estuary mud. This time a big-looking adult in non-breeding plumage.
Circa 200 lapwings and 2 dunlins were roosting here, with a peregrine eyeing them up from the top of a pylon.

One of about fifteen roving willow warblers seen ended up in the clutches of a sparrowhawk. Three common whitethroats (a juv. and 2 adults) was the sum total of sylvias.

Pond-watching revealed 2 green sandpipers and a few snipe. The garganeys seemed to be absent-- though I didn't check Bank Pool , arguably the most 'garganey' spot in the parish.

Only two species of dragonfly seen in borderline conditions- common darter (c15) and brown hawker (one).

LATE NEWS - A short-eared owl was present by Freeman's Pools early afternoon - via Pete Crooks.

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