Saturday, 12 April 2008

Highlights from a four hour trawl this morning included:
Freeman's Wood - 2 silent male blackcap, 7 singing chiffchaff, 1 singing willow warbler, a snipe(!), 10 linnets plus other stuff such as a couple of GS woodpecker, treecreeper etc.
Freeman's Pools - 2 little ringed plover, pair of oystercatcher & the 3 tufted duck plus 4 coot.
The gadwall pair were on Frog Pond
A little grebe was on Darter Pool (being harassed by one of the nesting coot pair) and another 'singing' on the Wildfowlers' Pools.
Two more willow warblers were in song along the cycle track plus 6 swallow & 3 sand martin were buzzing about.
Three snipe were flushed from Snipe Bog & a great crested grebe was on the river.
Pair of peregrine back on territory after some lengthy absence. They were not in the area at all last summer (or indeed with any regularity over the winter) and their nest site was occupied by a pair of carrion crows, however this year the same site has been taken by a pair of ravens. It'll be interesting to see what the peregrine pair do. While I was watching they did a bit of joint hunting, bringing down a pigeon over Heaton Marsh.
A common buzzard came over & a male kestrel was hunting the tideline.

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